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Bienvenidos a Wawaism. Disculpeeennn que el sitio este en ingles, siento que se ve mas chido asi y le llega a mas gente. Como quiera no hay que ser cientificos nucleares para entender el layout, creo que esta bastante simple. Ok, si buscan fotos de la conve, estan en la seccion de Cameko.

Welcome to!

Welcome to Wawaism! I'm Misawawa, Wawa for short.
Born, bred and currently living in Monterrey, Mexico; I'm a mexican girl cosplaying since 2000, and created this website (formerly known as Cosplay Destination) back in november 2003. Don't expect awesome costumes or flawlessly photoshopped pictures of my gorgeous face, i'm just a chubby chick in her 20's who wears costumes for fun.
Also, I am proud to say I have one of the biggest online archives about Cosplay in Monterrey, featuring OVER 9000 (no pun intended) cosplay-related photos from a personal journey that started more than 10 years ago. Now that you have been warned, you may check out my site.

Update! November 23th, 2012.

Sorry for abandoning you! It will never happen again. I love my visitors.
Please check out the Cameko section! I updated it with several galleries.
Last weekend I attended 41 CJMC and it was a blast! I wore my lolita version of the 11th Doctor, and i premiered a new cosplay! Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. She is not my favorite companion, but she was my first. Here's an extra dorky picture.

I still have A LOT of pictures of my costumes to upload, but this is all for now.

Update! February 28th, 2012.

Finally i took some time and had a proper Gothic Lolita Asuka photoshoot. Check it out!
Last week we decided to take a little road trip and went to nearby city Saltillo and attended Otakufest 2012. I had a little wardrobe malfunction and was not able to wear a costume, but still, managed to get over 200 photos of cosplayers. The gallery is now up.
I want to share with you a picture of Mexico's representative team for World Cosplay Summit 2012. They are highly experienced cosplayers, have an awesome charisma and a delightful chemestry togehter. I am sure they will do a great part in Japan this summer.

Felicidades Api y Paty, se lo merecen mil nenas! Asi que a darlo todo y traiganse la grande de Japon!
I am getting super-ready for the oncoming 40CJMC. I will premier a new costume, and wear some old ones again. I also took a comission for a cosplay-duo, and you wouldn't believe how excited i am about it.

Update! January 18th, 2012.

Happy 2012!!!
I am super excited bcs for the 1st time in 11 years cosplaying and 8 years managing this website, someone noticed my efforts and nominated me and my site for an award! I am "competing" against awesome people and cosplay-communities, and even though i'm pretty sure i won't win and i'm aware there are lots of people who deserve this awards more than i do, i feel HONORED to be considered among the contestants. Thank you Aldo Sanchez and Cronos!TiempoDeTodo :')
Ok this is old news bcs i uploaded this like a month ago, but yeah, Cosplay Contest 2011's gallery is up.
New links! Don't you love to know new people over the web? Don't miss this chance! Click on!
Kiruru Power Panta Rei Laurie Cosplay Dreams Hiroky Cosplay Neon Brothers Cosplay Pamela Cosplay
Finally, i uploaded my Eleventh Doctor Cosplay, or more like it, an original lolita version of Matt Smith's doctor.
That's about it, please come back soon to see more new thingies :)

Update! November 8th, 2011.

Another convention passed, and it was great! I can't remember the last time i had this much fun and spent so much money in one weekend.
Also halloween happened, and i made a new costume for the ocasion. I am lazy and went with loli versions again.... I present you, mi Lolita version of Doctor Who!

You're probably here to see 39CJMC pics... go go go and check them!!!

Update! October 6th, 2011.

Hi guise! Thank you for coming back so soon!
I recently attended a local event as a Judge, and had lots of fun and lots of food. Check the gallery in Cameko section as usual.
Gues what!!?? During the event, i managed to have a mini-shooting for my Wonder Loli costume! I haven't had one in a looong time. But this not the only personal cosplay i updated today! I also added my very first cosplay, Misato Katsuragi. I can't believe it's been 11 years since that...
It's october, and it means,,,, HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER!!! I loooove love love love halloween and Dia De Muertos, actually those are in my Top3DaysofTheYear only topped by my birthday, which was last week and was completely awesome.
I can't wait for CJMC this november, i want to wear a bunch of costumes! I hope i have the time to do so!

Update! September 10th, 2011.

Ta daaahhh, new layout! simpler, prettier, me-er!!! :)
I got myself to work and i have uploaded a new bunch o new-old convention pics. Credit goes to them! Thank you so much!!! 112 new pics in AnimeenMonterrey album
166 new pics in Ranma_Chat album
121 new pics in NeoPride Rock album
43 new pics in 21 y 22 CJMC
27 new pics in 17 CJMC
25 new pics in 2000 and older
+200 new pics in Varios album
. If you have old pictures from the Cosplay Scene back in 2005 or before that and want to share your old pics with the world, please please please contact me!

Update! August 2nd, 2011.

I'm back from Animex 2011!!! It was fun and i took hundreds of pictures! As usual, you can visit the Cameko section or just click here to check the galleries....
Ok, ok... i haven't made the time for new photoshoots ofmy new costumes, so this time i give you a quick pic of the costume i premiered this weekend: WonderWoman Lolita version. This was a fun costume to wear, being a mix of kickass superhero and puffy magical girl.
By now you should know i looooove cosplay links! So here's a new round of them for you to go and visit and have fun watching the galeries, tutorials and other stuff this cosplay ladies have to offer.
alatariels Cosplay Rydia Cosplay Prischan
I've been thinking a while about doing a redesign to the site. What do you think?? Do you like it the way it is??? Maybe different colors??? More sections??? Another languaje???? i have so many ideas i can't focus on any of them hahaha, so it'd be a good help if you told me your opinions in my guestbook, tagboard, email, facebook page....

Update! June 20th, 2011.

Uploading never-seen-before old conventions pics ;). Check out the galleries and find out what was cosplay like in Monterrey 10 years ago! Aside from the listed, i also added a bunch of "new" photos in the "Varios" folder.
1 new pic in 17 cjmc
7 new pics in 18 cjmc
12 new pics in 19 cjmc
8 new pics in Starfest 2003
4 new pics in Anime Manga y Sushi
2 new pics in Festival Fantasia Joven 2003
10 new pics in Expo Entretente
Since i am working in new cosplay proyects, i figured it'd be a sweet idea to show you a little preview of 2 incoming costumes ;)
sheryl sheryl
I also have a ton of new cosplay links! Please go and pay them a visit, bcs they're all awesome cosplay sites.
Erika cosplay addict Harajuku Station Konekotan Stela leopard VWitchiko Cosplay Yunipop Cosmaker

Update! June 17th, 2011.

Finally i got a domain! Yay! Now i'm on .Please update your links, favourites, bookmarks and all your internet stuff bcs won't be updated ever again.
I highly updated the COMING EVENTS bar, as i always do, in fact, i always i try to update it at least one a month. If you know about cosplay-related events here in Monterrey or somewhere near, please please please tell me about it!
This isn't a proper update, it's just to let you now i've moved the site. BUUUUUUUT! I am working in a huge update soon, this year i've been working hard and have 3 finished costumes without pics, so keep visiting for surprises!!!

Update! March 2nd, 2011.

First update of the decade!!! hahaha. Thank you for keep visiting this forgotten website, i'd really love to see some comments on the tagboard or guestbooks, thought.
In other news... I GOT MARRIED!!! you can enjoy a little picture of my hubbie and i walking the aisle after promising lifelasting love <3
I still try to keep the Coming Events section updated, and it'd help a lot if you give me tips about new events, photoshoots, picnics, conventions, or anything cosplay related.
I cleaned up the Link Section bcs some of the sites are down, and i hate to click on broken links >_<. As i deleted some banners, i added new links to awesome cosplay websites!!! Kamekosas, full with cosplay and cameko advises, cosplayers Luna Master and Erika Cosplay Addict

Update! November 18th, 2010.

Im sooooo very very happy and excited about all the changes going on in my life, but i still feel the urge to come here and write a little rant and apologize to my virtually non-existing visitors. Sorry for delaying my updates for so long! When 2010 started, i knew it was gonna be a great year for me, but i never imagined it would be my last year as a "single" individual..... I'M GETTING MARRIED IN JANUARY 2011!!!! :D Check our geeky invite. He loves megaman and i've always secretely wanted to make a crazy wedding invite that would freak my mom out. (sidenote: it did big time). If you know the church, you are invited to share our special day!!!
Oh, but not everything in the universe revolves around me, so you can go to Cameko section and check out all the new galleries. Even when i don't post the announcement inmediately, i post all pics in the galleries a few days after the events.

Update! August 7th, 2010.

In Cameko you can see Animex 2010 pics. I only attended one day (sunday) but still managed to get 165 photos. Enjoy them ;)
How difficult can it be to leave a little "hi" in tagboard or guestbook? I mean..... please! let me know you like this! or you hate this!!! or whatever you may like if its not related to nigerian royalty or loosing weight magically...
I am constantly updating the "Coming Events" bar, so if you know about a cosplay event not listed, please saaayyy somethinnnggg!!!
This year has been slow for my costuming but this is about to change! I am full of new cosplay plans and costuming energy!!! Keep visiting for new surprises!

Coming Events
I might be attending

Otakufest 2013
when? 16 y 17 de Febrero 2013
where? Saltillo, Coah.
how much? N.D.

when? 12-14 de Abril 2013
where? Cintermex. Monterrey, N.L.
how much? $80 M.X.N.

Let me know about more events! Avisenme de proximos eventos!


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